Scale-up from a Shake Flask to a Bioreactor, Based on Oxygen Transfer for the...

Jesus A. Salazar-Magallon1, Karla T. Murillo-Alonso1, Laura Lina Garcia1, Guadalupe Pena-Chora2 and Victor M. Hernandez-Velazquez1*

Pages: 871-878

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Application of Microorganisms for Induced Resistance in Jerusalem Artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.) against...

Punyisa Charirak1, Weerasak Saksirirat1,2*, Sanun Jogloy3 and Suwita Saepaisan1,2

Pages: 853-863

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Isolation and Identification of Aroma-producing Yeast Strain from Black Glutinous Rice Wine

Wei Su1,2,3,4*, Zexiu Li1, Chunzhi Xie2, Bengang Xu4, Yingchun Mu1,3 and Shuyi Qiu1

Pages: 845-852

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