Effect of Rearing Performance of Silkworm as Influenced by Different Spacing in Mulberry, Morus...

N.C. Ananya1, Gururaj1, H.C. Swathi1* and M. Vijayendra2

Pages: 697-700

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Integration of Various Chemical Herbicide on Weed Management and Yield of Kharif Maize...

Arvind Kumar1, S.S. Tomar1, V.K. Verma2* and Abhinav Kumar2

Pages: 685-689

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Screening of Germplasms against Cotton Leaf Curl Disease under Natural Epiphytotic Environment

Anupam Maharshi1,3*, N.K. Yadav2, J. Beniwal3 and Priyanka Swami3

Pages: 671-675

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Mycobiont Mediated In vitro Seed Germination of an Endangered ‘Fox-tail’ Orchid, Rhynchostylis retusa (L.)...

Sayeeda K. Bhatti1, Jagdeep Verma2*, Jaspreet K. Sembi3 and Ajay Kumar4

Pages: 663-670

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Efficacy of Pseudomonas flourescens and Combination Fungicide as Seed Treatment and Foliar Spray for...

Atul Kumar1*, Ishwar Singh Solanki2, Jameel Akhtar3 and Vishal Gupta4

Pages: 643-647

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Evaluation of Selected Castor Cultivars for their Suitability to Eri Chawki Silkworm Rearing and...

Gururaj1*, Ramakrishna Naika2 and Shreeshail Sonyal3

Pages: 639-642

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