Bioefficasy of New Molecules against Fungal Foliar Diseases of Groundnut

Yashoda R. Hegde*, S. Ravichandran and Rajalaxmi Keshgond

Pages: 635-638

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Effect of Cocoon Parameters of Silkworm as Influenced by Different Spacing in Mulberry, Morus...

N.C. Ananya1, Gururaj1, H.C. Swathi1* and M. Vijayendra2

Pages: 631-634

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Aflatoxin B1 Binding by Microflora Isolated from Fermented Foods

Sanjay Pratap Singh, Kothandapani Sundar and Prathapkumar H. Shetty*

Pages: 625-630

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Evaluation of Toxicity of Botanical and Microbial Insecticides to Egg Parasitoid Trichogramma chilonis (Hymenoptera:...

Rakesh Kumar1*, Neerja Agrawal1, Rohit Rana2, Sonam Singh Chandel3 and Ashish Dwivedi4

Pages: 617-623

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Comparative Analysis of a-Amylase Activities of Different Bacillus species Isolated from Various Compost Materials...

Prakash Kumar Sarangi1, Gopal Krishna Sahu2*, Pratap Keshari Pattanaik3 and Ng.Joykumar Singh4

Pages: 613-616

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Effect of Non-conventional Chemicals and Synthetic Fungicide on Biochemical Characteristics of Chilli against Fruit...

Neelam Geat1*, Devendra Singh2, Harbinder Singh1 and S.K. Khirbat1

Pages: 605-612

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In vitro Vibriocidal Efficacy of Monofloral Honey Against Different Sero groups of Vibrio...

Bibhuti Bhusan Pal*, Sangita Badaik, Gourabamani Swalsingh, Hemant Kumar Khuntia, Priyanka Sahoo and Sashi Bhusan Pal

Pages: 593-598

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Antifungal Metabolites of Pseudomonas fluorescens against Pythium aphanidermatum

S.R. Prabhukarthikeyan1,2* and T. Raguchander1

Pages: 579-584

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Assessment of Tendu Leaf Refuses for the Heavy Metal Removal from Electroplating Effluent

A.K. Priya1*, S. Nagan2, M. Nithya1, P.M. Priyanka1 and M. Rajeswari1

Pages: 585-591

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