Changes in Activities of Various Enzymes During Vermicomposting

Vikram C. Solanki* and Prateek Shilpkar

Pages: 579-582

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Effect of Mulching and Organic Sources on Growth Parameters and Yield of Pearl Millet...

S.K. Maurya, Ramawatar Meena*, R.N. Meena1, R.K. Meena, Balu Ram, M.K. Verma and Avinash Rai

Pages: 351-355

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Field Response of L-Amino acid Micro-Mineral Complex (AAMMC) on Soybean Rhizobium Symbiosis

Tarun Kumar Kevat, S.B. Gupta*, Tapas Chowdhury, Derheen Bai, Diptimayee Dash and R. Soni

Pages: 627-632

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A Novel Electrochemical Biosensor Design and Fabrication

E. Basheer1, H. Bari1, C.F. Chin2 and S. Nudra1

Pages: 525-532

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Evaluating Sustainable Transportation of Tehran Applying Ecological Footprint Model

Abbass Ebadi1, Naser Moharram Nejad1*, Mohammad Taghi Rahnamaee2 and Saeed Motesadi Zarandi3

Pages: 495-504

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High Level Amylase Production by Pseudomonas stutzeri ML-18; Isolation, Identification and Media Optimization...

Aboozar Kazemi1, Mojtaba Lorpour1, Ahmad Gholami1,2, Seyed Reza Karimi-Ghavamabadolya1,2, Azam Safari1, Kavous Solhjoo3 and Younes Ghasemi1,2*

Pages: 127-133

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Probiotic Potential of Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated From Mulberry Silage

Parisa Shokryazdan, Juan Boo Liang, Norhani Abdullah and Mohammad Faseleh Jahromi

Pages: 443-452

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