Effect of Fluid Bed Dried Formulation in Comparison with Lignite Formulation of Microbial Consortium...

G. Lavanya1*, P. K. Sahu2, D.S. Manikanta1 and G.P. Brahmaprakash1

Pages: 193-199

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Screening for PGP Activities of Diazotrophic Bacteria Isolated from Saline Soil and their Effect...

Hakim Hamoum*, Ahcene Bouznad, Abdelkader Mekhaldi and Rachid Djibaoui

Pages: 93-101

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Biocidal Activity of Bacillus thuringiensis on Plutella xylostella L.

Y. Srujana1, P.S. Hugar2 and P.U. Krishnaraj3

Pages: 561-568

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Effect of Silkworm Pupae Meal as Protein Supplement on Performance of Broiler Chickens

Mozhdeh Emadi*, Toktam Vafa and Heshmat Sepehri Moghadam

Pages: 161-165

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Effect of Mulching and Organic Sources on Growth Parameters and Yield of Pearl Millet...

S.K. Maurya, Ramawatar Meena*, R.N. Meena1, R.K. Meena, Balu Ram, M.K. Verma and Avinash Rai

Pages: 351-355

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