Screening of Important Autoinduction Medium Composition for High Biomass Production of E. coli Expressing...

Mohd Jamil Aizat Jamaluddin1, Azura Amid1,2*, Azlin Suhaida Azmi1,2 and Muhd. EzzaFaiez Othman1

Pages: 741-750

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Potentials of Biosurfactant and Biomass from Locally Isolated Panus tigrinus and Klebsiella pneumonia Strains...

Parveen Jamal1,2*, Monawar Munjid Mustafa1 and Ma’an Fahmi R. Al-Khateeb1

Pages: 725-730

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Host-feeding Habits Study of Anopheles sinensis with Fluorescent Pigment

Chongxing Zhang, Gongzhen Liu, Xiaodan Huang, Peng Cheng, Haifang Wang, Xiuxia Guo, Lijuan Liu and Maoqing Gong*

Pages: 677-680

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The Comparative Study of Three Chemical Fixatives on Tomato

R. Yang1,2, J.W. Fan2, J.H. Hao1,2, X.M. Li2, J. Song2, R. Jiang1, K.F. Fang1,2, F.K. Zhao3 and S.H. Wang2*

Pages: 671-675

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Fungemias Following Liver or Kidney Transplantation: A Clinical Analysis of 17 Patients

Xinmin Nie1, Qiquan Wan2*, Qifa Ye2,3 and Jiandang Zhou1

Pages: 667-670

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