Characterization of Phage PA26 Infecting Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Min Soo Kim1,2, Young Deuk Kim1, and Heejoon Myung1,2*

Pages: 35-41

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Analysis of Bacterial Communities in Fermented Traditional Food Suan-cai and La-baicai from Yanbian in...

Junrui Wu1, Meiling Yu1, Xuefei Song1, Ying Zhang1, Rina Wu1,2* and Xiqing Yue1*

Pages: 29-34

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Biodegradation of Diazo Dye Reactive Black 5 with the Isolated Yeast Candida krusei

Caishao Wen, Zhisheng Yu*, Zia Ul Islam and Hongxun Zhang

Pages: 11-20

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