Antagonistic Potential of Some Isolated Soil Fungi Against Brown Root Rot Disease of Tea...

Pranjal Morang1*, B.K. Dutta1, I. Ranjita1 and B.S. Dileep Kumar2

Pages: 711-716

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Prevalence of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Nasal Samples from Health Care Workers: Comparison...

C. Baragundi Mahesh, B. Sonth Suresh, K. Gokale Shilpa and B. Kulkarni Ramakant

Pages: 705-709

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Phytomedicinal Potential of Luffa cylindrica (L.) Reom Extracts

Tapoja Swain1, Rajesh Kumar Sahoo1, Durga Madhab Kar2 and Enketeswara Subudhi1

Pages: 697-703

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Diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori Associated Acid Pepptic Disease by Serology and Rapid Urease Test

R. Sujatha1, D. Arunagiri2, Desh Nidhi Singh2 and Hariomsharan2

Pages: 691-695

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Isolation of Phenol Degrading Bacteria from Industrial Waste Water and their Growth Kinetic Assay

Ashish Ojha1, Ajay Kumar Mishra2 and Ajay Kumar Vashisht3

Pages: 683-690

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Prevalence of Pseudomonas sp. in Fin Fishes and their Antibiotic Susceptibility

G. Reiba Carol*, K. Immaculate Jeyasanta, Aswathi Elizabeth Mani and Jamila Patterson

Pages: 677-681

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Role of Immunoglobulin G and A in Periodontitis: A Review

Reena Kulshrestha1-2*, T.S. Srinivasa2 and Jayant Biswas3

Pages: 673-676

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