Isolation and Identification of Keratinophilic Fungi from Poultry Farm Waste

C. Angaleswari, M. Poongodi and R. Hemala Devi

Pages: 437-439

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A Study on Fungal Antagonism by Chitinolytic Bacterial Isolates from Prawn Culture Farms of...

S. Senthil Kumar*, T. Shariq Afsar, M. Mohamed Yasar, A. Mansoor Hussain and M.S. Mohamed Jaabir

Pages: 429-432

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Antifungal Potential of Philonotis revoluta – A Moss Against Certain Phytopathogenic Fungi

G.S. Deora, Deepti Suhalka and Gunjan Vishwakarma

Pages: 425-428

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Antibacterial Activity of Some Medicinal Plants

Zafar S. Khan* and Sahera Nasreen

Pages: 393-396

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