Isolation of Bile Tolerant Lactobacilli and Their Biochemical Characterization

Khushbu Singhal*, Harshada Joshi and B.L. Chaudhary

Pages: 501-505

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Cultivation of Spirulina sp. Using Organic Subtrates

S.J. Aruna1 and A. David Ravindran2

Pages: 483-488

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The role of MHB on Mycorrhiza Infected Arachis hypogaea L.

A.M. Ramachandran1* and A. David Ravindran2

Pages: 477-481

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Effect of Cadmium on the Activity of Certain Soil Enzymes

Manju Chundawat1 and N.C. Aery2

Pages: 463-467

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Isolation and Characterisation of Enzyme Invertase from Halotolerant Yeast

Rajesh C. Patil1, Ujjwala Jadhav, Abhishek Mule1, Eruch Gorwalla1, Amit M. Parekh2 and Varsha M. Jadhav2

Pages: 457-461

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