Study on the Amylolytic Activity of Bacteria Isolated from Spent Mushroom Substrate

R. Kumuthakalavalli, S. Surumbar Kuzhali and S. Reka

Pages: 559-561

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Development and Validation of a Spectrophotometric Method for Estimation of Thyroxine Sodium in Bulk...

C. Bala Sekaran1*, A. Prameela Rani2, B.B. Pawan Kumar3, P.S.K. Bhargav3 and B.N.V.R. Kinnera3

Pages: 551-553

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Isolation and Characterization of Bacillus thuringiensis Strains from the Ecosystem of Central India

Sarita Agrahari1, M.P. Moharil2*, Archana pethe1 and N.G.V. Rao2

Pages: 547-550

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Occurrence of Cryptosporidial Infection in Immunocomprised Individuals in Kashmir Valley

S.A. Hajam1, J. Sharif2, M. Amin3 and Aara Rifat4

Pages: 541-542

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Effect of Native AM Fungus Glomus fasciculatum and Plant Growth Promoting Rhizomicroorganisms on Growth...

B. Bharathi1, C. Manoharan2, S. Madhavan3* and S. Annammal1

Pages: 535-539

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Absorption of Chloride from Electroplating Industry Effluent Using Bacteria

M.R. Rajan*, M. Periyasamy and S. Vijayalakshmi

Pages: 531-534

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Production, Purification and Application of Collagenase

Abirami N. and Priya R. Iyer*

Pages: 525-530

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Role of Bacteria in Bioremediation of Heavy Metals

T. Eswar Ganesh Babu and S.A. Mastan*

Pages: 519-524

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