Cultivation of Spirulina sp. Using Organic Subtrates

S.J. Aruna1 and A. David Ravindran2

Pages: 483-488

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Evaluation of Rapid AFB Cold (RAC) Staining Method for Sputum Smears Treated with Bleach...

Sherafin Jancy Vincy, M. Chandrasekar* and P. Venkatesan

Pages: 431-435

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Production, Purification and Application of Collagenase

Abirami N. and Priya R. Iyer*

Pages: 525-530

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Comparative Studies on Antimicrobial Activity of Sida acuta (Malvaceae) Leaf Extracts

K. Vijaya Rachel*, Ch. Surekha, D. Srinivas, D.S.V.G.K. Kaladhar1 and I. Bhaskar Reddy

Pages: 415-418

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Antimicrobial Activity of Ginger (Zingiber officinalis) in vitro

V.P. Zambare* and Bhoyte Sonika

Pages: 591-593

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Isolation and Characterisation of Enzyme Invertase from Halotolerant Yeast

Rajesh C. Patil1, Ujjwala Jadhav, Abhishek Mule1, Eruch Gorwalla1, Amit M. Parekh2 and Varsha M. Jadhav2

Pages: 457-461

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Biochemical and Antibacterial Studies on Green Algae of Visakhapatnam Coast

S.V. Rajagopal1, A. Prasada Rao1, B.V. Raman1, M. Rama Rao2, A. Uma Sankar3, A. Sunitha Kumari1 and K. Siva Kumar1

Pages: 573-578

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Early Diagnosis and Milk Quality Assessment of Subclinical Mastitis by Somatic Cell Counts and...

Sunita Behera, R.K. Swain1*, D.P. Samantaray and S.K. Dash2

Pages: 607-613

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Molecular Identification of Bacteria and Bioaccumulation of Rare Earth Elements of Chavara

E.S. Challaraj Emmanuel1*, B. Anandkumar1 and S. Maruthamuthu2

Pages: 405- 414

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