Bacteria for Butanol Production: Bottlenecks, Achievements and Prospects

Rajesh Kumar Sahoo, Aradhana Das, Mahendra Gaur , Suchanda Dey , Saubhagini Sahoo and Enketeswara Subudhi *

Article: 5731 | Pages: 1429-1440

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Plant Defence Related Enzymes in Rice (Oryzae sativa L.,) Induced by Pseudomonas sp VSMKU2

K. Nithya1 , V. Shanmugaiah1* , N. Balasubramanian2 and S. Gomathinayagam3

Article: 5711 | Pages: 1307-1315

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Extend Shelf-life of Vacuum-Packaged Herring Fish Fillets using Garlic and Ginger Extracts

El-Sohaimy Sobhy Ahmed1*, Mohamed G. Shehata1, Hagar S. Abd-Rabou1 , Hany El-Menshawy2

Article: 5637 | Pages: 1571-1581

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Aedes aegypti Pupae are Highly Susceptible to Infection by Metarhizium anisopliae Blastospores

Aline Teixeira Carolino1, Simone Azevedo Gomes1, Thais Bercot Pontes Teodoro1, Thalles Cardoso Mattoso2 and Richard Ian Samuels1*

Article: 5639 | Pages: 1629-1634

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In vivo Evaluation of the Antagonistic Effect of Lactobacillus acidophilus against Propionobacterium acnes in...

Tatiana de los Angeles Mosquera Tayupanta* and Victoria Sheila Pumisacho Ocana

Article: 5670 | Pages: 1317-1324

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Characterization and Antagonistic Activity of New Causal Agent of Wilt Disease in Imperata cylindrica...

Hassan A. Tamur1 , Haider Jawad Al-Janabi2, Jawad K. Abood Al-Janabi2* ,Liqaa Y. Mohsin3, Zahraa A.N. Al-Yassiry3

Article: 5684 | Pages: 1525-1536

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