Phenotypic and Genotypic Characterization of Exopolysaccharide Producing Bacteria Isolated from Fermented Fruits, Vegetables and...

Salah Abdalrahim1, Abdel Naser A. Zohri2, Manal Khider3, Adel M. Kamal El-Dean4, Hussein H. Abulreesh5 , Iqbal Ahmad6 and Khaled Elbanna5,7*

Article: 5769 | Pages: 1349-1362

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Molecular Diagnosis of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) in Symptomatic Women of Puducherry by a...

Selvaraj Stephen1* , Jothimani Pradeep1 , Chinnadurai Rajkumar2 , Rupal Samal3 , Ashwini Vishalakshi3, Seetesh Ghose3, Sendhil Coumary3, Syed Habebullah3 and Balanehru Subramanian2

Article: 5801 | Pages: 1791-1796

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Presence of Different Bacterial Species in Thermal Sources and Novelty in Their Industrial Enzyme...

Albayrak Seyda1 , Genc Berna2 , Ozkan Hakan1 , Taskin Mesut1* and Adiguzel Ahmet1*

Article: 5676 | Pages: 1375-1387

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Ethnomedicinal Plants from Iraq as Therapeutic Agents against Mycobacterium tuberculosis: A Review

Ali Sami Dheyab1*, Ekremah Kheun Shaker2 and Abdul jabbar Khaleel Ibrahim2

Article: 5760 | Pages: 1419-1427

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Bioremediation of Waste Water from Cadmium Pollution using Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticles and Fungal Biomasses

Eman Abdullah M. Ali1* , Mohsen A. Sayed1 , Tahany M.A. Abdel-Rahman1 , Ali M. Hussein2 and Rabab Hussein2

Article: 5763 | Pages: 1561-1570

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Dengue Virus: Clinical Manifestations and Advances in Diagnosis, Treatment with a Special Focus on...

Jissin Mathew, Vani C.*, Pinaki Dey, Francis Paul and Merlin Joice Mary

Article: 5567 | Pages: 1397-1405

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Evaluation of Enzyme Protease Activity and Inhibition Effect on Pyricularia grisea with the Leaf...

Chau Thanh Truc, Pham Thi Thu Ha*, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram and Do Thi Duyen

Article: 5623 | Pages: 1389-1396

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A Comparative Study on Pseudomonal and Bacillus L. asparaginases.

Nuzhath Fatima1*, Mohd Mazhar Uddin Khan2, Noha Emad3, Khadija Al-Khadir1,4 , Amany Marwan3 and Ayesha Alvi5

Article: 5706 | Pages: 1635-1644

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