Methane from Human Excreta: Comparative Assessment of Batch and Continuous Biomethanation Process

Surendra N. Gohil1*, Prateek G. Shilpkar1, Mayur C. Shah1, Amitkumar J. Shah1 and Pradip B. Acharya2

Article: 5266  |  Pages: 2143-2148

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Genotyping of Pathogenic Mycoplasma bovis Isolated from Cattle in Kafr El-Sheikh Province, Egypt

Mona A. Farid1, Ali A. Abo-Shosha1, El-Sayed B. Belal2 and Mohamed M. Hassan3,4*

Article: 5269  |  Pages: 2103-2109

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Molecular Identification of Isolate from Escherichia coli Isolates from Dialysis Patients

Husham Hachim Mohammed1, Mohammed Flayyih Tareef1 and Ali Kamal Mohammed2

Article: 5322  |  Pages: 2087-2094

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The Effect of Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti) as a Microbial Control Agent against...

Osama Bahareth1, Zuhair Alsahhaf1, Abdulmajeed Saleh1, Adnan Hijji1 and Gamal Osman1,2,3

Article: 5298  |  Pages: 2077-2085

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