Effect of Enzyme Treatment on Physicochemical Properties of Guava Wine Produced using S....

Yogendra Singh, Samsher, Suresh Chandra, Akash Tomar, Ankit Singh and Pinkoo Singh

Pages: 3151-3154

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Cultural and Biochemical Characterization of Ralstonia solanacearum Causing Bacterial Wilt in Tomato

R.K.Bannihatti1, A.P. Suryawanshi1, N.D. Punitkumar2, J.K. Ganesh3, Kumar Lambani3 and Roop Singh1

Pages: 3111-3115

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Effect of Rhizobium, PSB and P-levels on Growth, Yield Attributes and Yield of Urdbean...

Surya Kant1, Achin Kumar1*, Satendra Kumar1, Vipin Kumar2, Yogesh Pal2 and Anil K. Shukla2

Pages: 3093-3098

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