Evaluation of Bio-Efficacy and Phytotoxicity of Pyraclostrobin 20% WG against Anthracnose Disease Chilli

M. Abdul Kareem*, M.H. Tatagar, Krishna D. Kurubetta, Raghavendra Mesta, Dileepkumar Masuthi and M.A. Waseem

Pages: 2397-2399

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Growth Promotion of Transplanted Rice Plant by Fungal and Bacterial Bioagents Effective against Brown...

Harish Kumar1, Shafaat Ahmad1, Sunil Zacharia1, Dinesh Kumar1 and Aarif Khan2*

Pages: 2391-2395

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Transcriptional Profiling Analysis Likely to Indicate that c-di-GMP is Involved in Iron Uptake in...

Jiayi Guo1, Jiulong Li2, Gengxiao Man2, Yao Yao3, Yin Wang4, Zhi Lin5 and Weidong Huang2,6*

Pages: 2379-2389

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Development and Qualitative Evaluation of Carrot, Sugar Beet and Mint based RTS Stored at...

Ankit Sharma1*, Vivek Kumar1, R.K. Dohrey2, Tarun Kumar1, Shalini1, Ravi Kumar1, Ankit Singh1 and Yogendra Singh1

Pages: 2355-2359

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Evaluation of Cotton Germplasm for Source of Resistance Against Cotton Leaf Curl Disease

N.K. Yadav, K.S. Nirania and Anupam Maharshi*

Pages: 2323-2331

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