Efficacy of Bio-Control Agents for the Management of (Pyricularia grisea) Blast Disease of Finger...

R.S. Netam*, R.K.S. Tiwari1 , A.N. Bahadur2, Prafull Kumar and S.C. Yadav

Pages: 2421-2425

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Evaluation of Cryoprotective Potential of Jerusalem artichoke’ Inulin During Freeze-drying and Storage of Lactobacillus...

Shuichi Yamamoto1, Thanawat Pattananandecha2, Sasithorn Sirilun2, Bhagavathi Sundaram Sivamaruthi2, Sartjin Peerajan3 and Chaiyavat Chaiyasut2*

Pages: 1727-1734

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Ligninase and Cellulase Activity of Lentinula edodes (Berk.) Pegler Strains in Different Culture Media

M.A. Carvalho1, L.M.A.S. Costa1, D.M. da Silveira E. Santos1, D.R. Dias2, D.C. Zied3* and E.S. Dias1

Pages: 1683-1691

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In vitro Fermentation and Bifidogenic Potential of Galacturonic Acid

Elkeurti Khadidja Nadia* and Sahmoune Mohamed Nasser

Pages: 1865-1869

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Biological Control of Sheath Diseases of Rice Caused by Rhizoctonia oryzae and Rhizoctonia solani...

Pinkham Vongphachanh1, Weerasak Saksirirat1,2,3* and Suwita Seapaisan1,2,3

Pages: 1735-1744

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Impact of Addition of Biochar Along with Pgpr on Rice Yield, Availability of Nutrients...

Awtar Singh1*, A.P. Singh1, S.K. Singh1, Sumit Rai1 and Dileep Kumar2

Pages: 2181-2188

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Molecular Characterization of Carbapenem Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii and Investigation of Genetic Diversity Between Local...

Salman Shaheer Ahmed 1,2*, Gokcen Dinc 2,3, Baldan Rossella 4, Emine Alp 1, Aysegul Ulu-Kilic 1, Willem Melchers 5, Joost Hopman 5 and Andreas Voss 5

Pages: 1675-1682

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Production of Phytohormones by Endophytic Bacteria Isolated from Aerobic Rice

Amanda Shylla1*, M.K. Shivaprakash1, H.E. Shashidhar2, P. Vishwakarma3 and M. Sudradhar2

Pages: 2127-2133

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In vitro Effect of Ethanolic Extract of Curcuma longa Rhizome on Growth and Sterol...

Vaseem Raja1*, Sheikh Shreaz2, Jawad M. Behbehani2 and Weqar Ahmad Siddiqui1

Pages: 2231-2239

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Isolation and Cultivation of Green Alga, Pediastrum spp. for Nutritional Value Study

Prasertsin Tippawan1 and Peerapornpisal Yuwadee2*

Pages: 1787-1795

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