Fermentation Process and Nutrition Study of Xanthomonas campestris and Xanthomonas malvacerum in xanthan gum...

S. Kulandaivel*, R. Prakash, K. Anithadevi and N. Arunnagendran

Pages: 91-94

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Effects of Prebiotics on Git and Human Health: A Review

Ajaypal Singh1*, Omji Porwal1, Neeraj Sharma1, Amit Singh2, Saurabh Kumar3 and P.K. Sharma1

Pages: 69-82

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Antibacterial Evaluation of the Extracts of Edible Parts of Few Plants used by Tribal...

M. Ngomdir, B. Debbarma, A. Debbarma, S. Chanda, S. Raha, R. Saha, S. Pal (Datta), R. Choudhury1, P.R. Bhattacharjee, B.B. Goswami and B. De*

Pages: 65-68

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Optimization of some Physical and Nutritional Parameters for Production of Hyaluronidase from Streptococcus equi...

S. Sahoo*, P.K. Panda, S.R. Mishra, A. Tripathy, S.K. Dash1 and P. Ellaiah2

Pages: 55-57

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