Microbial Deterioration of Agidi During Storage

Okiemute Emmanuel Idise

Pages: 29-32

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Studies on Antibacterial Activity of Newly Synthesized Inorganic Complexes

A. Muruganandam, S. Arivoli* and B.R. Venkatraman

Pages: 105-108

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Evaluation of a Mucoadhesive Buccal Patch for Delivery of Atenolol : In vitro Screening...

Navneet Verma*, A.K. Wahi, Anurag Verma, P. Chattopadhayay

Pages: 115-118

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Fortified Soy Foods. A Novel Source of Proteins for Common Man

Vivek Mishra* and Archana Mishra1

Pages: 131-132

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Development and Evaluation of Buccal Film of Carvedilol

P.K. Sharma, Neeraj Sharma*, A.P. Singh and Nisha Mary Joseph

Pages: 101-104

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