Soil Phosphorus Fixation Chemistry and Role of Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria in Enhancing its Efficiency...

S. Sheraz Mahdi1*, M.A. Talat2, M. Hussain Dar3, Aflaq Hamid4 and Latief Ahmad1

Pages: 1905-1911

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The Potency of Aedes species in Transmitting Dengue Fever Virus with Evaluating the Susceptibility...

Nizamuddin Farooqui1*, Jazem A. Mahyoub2, K.M. AL-Ghamdi2 and Hamed Ghramh3

Pages: 1899-1904

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Fungitoxic Properties of Some Plant Extracts Against Tomato Phytopathogenic Fungi

Ashraf A. Mostafa1, A.N. Al-Rahmah1, Ahmed Abdel-Megeed1,2, Essam Nageh Sholkamy1, Abdullah A. Al-Arfaj1 and Mohamed S. El-shikh1

Pages: 1889-1898

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Pattern of Growth Among Boys during Adolescence: A Profile from An Urban Region in...

Mohsen Mesgarani1 ,Shahla Shafiee1*, Mohammad Javad Keikhai Farzaneh2 and Khyrunnisa Begum3

Pages: 1875-1883

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Evaluation of Phosphate Solubilizing Pseudomonas Strains and their Mutants in Relation to Mustard (Brassica...

Meenu Rathi1, Deepak Kumar Malik2 and Baljit Singh Dahiya3

Pages: 1869-1874

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In vitro Anti-staphylococcal Potential of Endophytic Fungi from Aegle marmelos

Vinit Meshram, Sanjai Saxena* and Neha Kapoor

Pages: 1859-1868

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Antifungal Activities of Different Crude Fractions of Aerva javanica

Jameel Ahmed Khader1, Shabir Ahmad2, Naser Mohamed AbdElsalam1, Riaz ullah3 and Muhammad Islam2

Pages: 1849-1852

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RAPD Marker Assisted Development of Improved Strains of Agaricus bisporus (Lange) Sing

Shivani Chauhan1, Shammi Kapoor2 and Saneel K. Thakur3

Pages: 1841-1848

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