Metal Stress and Antibiotic Susceptibility Profile of Some Bacterial and Fungal Strains

Chandrabhan Seniya1*, Santosh Kumar Verma2, Sumint Singh Trivedia3, Richa Verma1, H.S. Vijayarti1 and Shridutt Vyas1

Pages: 1727-1734

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Assessment of Listeria Bacteria Abundance and Physicochemical Quality of the Effluents of a Typical...

A.I. Okoh*, Z.N. Cwala, N.P. Ngqwala, E.O. Igbinosa, E.O. Odjadjare and O.O. Okoh

Pages: 1645-1652

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Quantification of Aflatoxin B1 Produced by Aspergillus flavus MTCC 2798 in Rice Straw under...

Arijit Das1*, J. Angayarkanni2, Sourav Bhattacharya3 and M. Palaniswamy1

Pages: 1663-1669

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Improtance of Entomopathogenic Bacteria to Control Termites in Forest Nurseries and Plantations

K. Nagaraju1, B.C. Meenakshi2 and R. Sundararaj3

Pages: 1959-1964

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Microbial Contamination of MDM (Mechanically Deboned Poultry Meat)

Biglar Khorram1, Leila Azami Saroukolaee1, Khorshid Hosseinzadeh2, Asghar Hassanzadeh3, Davoud Nasiri4 and Abbas Tavakoli Vaskas5*

Pages: 1795-1801

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Chili – Pepper Protection from Phytophthora capsici and Pectobacterium carotovorum SCC1 by Encapsulated Paromomycin...

Jin Woo Park1, Se Weon Lee1, K. Balaraju1, Chang Jin Kim2 and Kyungseok Park1*

Pages: 1517-1522

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Comparison of BACTEC 9120 and Conventional Blood Culture Systems for Isolation of Microorganisms from...

Said Maham1, Fariba Shirvani1, Mana Hadipour Jahromi1, Fatemeh Fallah1, Seid Sajad Razavi2, Ali Nikfarjam3 and Mohammad Rahbar4,5

Pages: 2039-2044

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Pattern of Growth Among Boys during Adolescence: A Profile from An Urban Region in...

Mohsen Mesgarani1 ,Shahla Shafiee1*, Mohammad Javad Keikhai Farzaneh2 and Khyrunnisa Begum3

Pages: 1875-1883

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RAPD Marker Assisted Development of Improved Strains of Agaricus bisporus (Lange) Sing

Shivani Chauhan1, Shammi Kapoor2 and Saneel K. Thakur3

Pages: 1841-1848

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