New Approach to Control Sclerotium rolfsii Induced Sugar Beet Root Rots Disease by Trichoderma...

Sawsan Abd Ellatif1* , Mohamed Medhat Gharieb2, Soliman M. El-Moghazy3, Mai N. Abo El-Yazied3 and Amal M. Bakry4

Article: 5703 | Pages: 1595-1604

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Seasonal Health Risks Due to Zoonotic Pathogens from Hand-dug Well Water in Ohangwena and...

Billy McBenedict1,2*, Wilhelmina Ndapunikwa Hauwanga1,3, Heike Wanke4, Percy Maruwa Chimwamurombe5 and Bernard Mudenda Hang’ombe2

Article: 5642 | Pages: 1583-1593

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Extend Shelf-life of Vacuum-Packaged Herring Fish Fillets using Garlic and Ginger Extracts

El-Sohaimy Sobhy Ahmed1*, Mohamed G. Shehata1, Hagar S. Abd-Rabou1 , Hany El-Menshawy2

Article: 5637 | Pages: 1571-1581

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Bioremediation of Waste Water from Cadmium Pollution using Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticles and Fungal Biomasses

Eman Abdullah M. Ali1* , Mohsen A. Sayed1 , Tahany M.A. Abdel-Rahman1 , Ali M. Hussein2 and Rabab Hussein2

Article: 5763 | Pages: 1561-1570

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Prediction of Coronary Artery Disease Among Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infected Patients in Tamilnadu,...

Sachidanandam Magesh1,2 , Krishnasamy Kaveri1, Palani Gunasekaran1 and Karuppanan Sathiyamurthy2*

Article: 5820 | Pages: 1555-1560

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Characterization and Antagonistic Activity of New Causal Agent of Wilt Disease in Imperata cylindrica...

Hassan A. Tamur1 , Haider Jawad Al-Janabi2, Jawad K. Abood Al-Janabi2* ,Liqaa Y. Mohsin3, Zahraa A.N. Al-Yassiry3

Article: 5684 | Pages: 1525-1536

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