Effect of Antibiotics and Some Essential oils on Marine Vibrios Isolated from the Coastal...

Sashi Kanta Dash1, Chandi C. Rath2, Pratima Ray1 and S.P. Adhikary3

Pages: 247-250

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Response of Cyanobacteria at Different Levels of Mineral Nitrogen and Moisture on Performance of...

Tapas Chowdhury1, S.B. Gupta1*, G.K. Das2, M.K. Pradhan3, Alok Tiwari4 and K. Tedia4

Pages: 237-241

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Production and Characterisation of Cellulase by Streptobacillus species- APS-8

S.V. Rajagopal1*, K. Siva Kumar, A. Uma Sankar2, M. Rama Rao3 and S. Sunitha Kumari

Pages: 231-236

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Alkane Degradation by Dietzia sp. K44 and partial cloning of putative alkane hydroxylase gene

Vijayalatha Venugopalan, Rakha H. Das and Hemant K. Gautam

Pages: 225-230

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Cryptococcus neoformans – A Causative Agent of Meningitis, in a case of Chronic Suppurative...

Unnati Padalia1, Annette Martin1, Preeti Mehta2, Gita Nataraj2 and Rajesh C. Patil3

Pages: 221-224

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Antibiotic Effects of certain Bryophytes on Agrobacterium tumifacians

G.S. Deora*, Durgesh Bhati and Narendra S. Jain

Pages: 215-219

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Antimicrobial Studies of Metal Complexes of Fe(III), Co(II) and Ni(II) with Cyanex-272

Tarun Pal1, M.S. Zoha2*, Balaram Roy2, Bikash C. Sarker2, M.A. Hakim2, A.A.A.A. Islam1 and A. Alam1

Pages: 207-210

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