Evaluating Sustainable Transportation of Tehran Applying Ecological Footprint Model

Abbass Ebadi1, Naser Moharram Nejad1*, Mohammad Taghi Rahnamaee2 and Saeed Motesadi Zarandi3

Pages: 495-504

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Antifungal Activity of Zataria multiflora against Some Plant Pathogenic Fungi

Hesamedin Ramezani1, Mohammad Abdollahi2 and Rasool Rezaei2

Pages: 493-494

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Fungal Characterization of the Air Outdoor and Indoor in Five Areas of the City...

Merino-Guzman G.1, Castaneda-Roldan E.I.2, Huerta-Lara M.3, Munoz-Garcia A.4, Lopez-Olguin J.F.1 and Romero-Arenas O.1*

Pages: 487-492

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Optimization of Straw Size, Dose of Compost Inoculant along with Engineering and Microbiological Parameters...

Mohd. Muzamil1, Indra Mani1, Adarsh Kumar1, Livleen Shukla2 and Satish Lande1

Pages: 453-461

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Probiotic Potential of Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated From Mulberry Silage

Parisa Shokryazdan, Juan Boo Liang, Norhani Abdullah and Mohammad Faseleh Jahromi

Pages: 443-452

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Inhibition of T4ss Gene Legionella pneumophila with Catalytical Ozonization

Masomeh Gholinezhad1, Davoud Esmaeli2 and Ghader Ghanizadeh3

Pages: 437-441

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The Influence of Drought Stress on Nutrients Uptake and Physiological Responses in Rapeseed (Brassica...

Hassan Zali1, Omid Sofalian1, Tahereh Hasanloo2, Ali Asghari1 and Mehrshad Zeinalabedini3

Pages: 425-436

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