Computational Approaches Predict the Reliable Three Dimensional (3D) Structure and Possible Involvement of a...

Sudip Paul1*, Moumoni Saha1, Sattya Narayan Talukdar2, Susmita Rajbongshi3, Rubait Nazneen Akhand4 and Md. Aminul Islam1

Pages: 919-926

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Impact of Caffeine on Tularemia Progression in a Mouse Model

Miroslav Pohanka1 and Oto Pavlis2

Pages: 913-918

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Screening and Control Efficacy of Endophytic Bacteria CE3 from Castanea mollissima Blume

Li Linling1,3, Cheng Hua1,3, Hua Juan1,3, Yuan Honghui1,3, Xu Feng1 and Cheng Shuiyuan1,2*

Pages: 893-898

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Comparison between Staged ORIF and EFLIF in Treatment of Pilon Fracture: A Systematic Review

Shijuan Xie1, 2, Dan Jin1*, Bin Yu1, Yafei Xu2 and Zhenlyu Zou1

Pages: 885-892

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Amplification and Structure Analysis of Dioxygenase of Anoxybacillus sp. DT3-1

A. Emami1, H.Yari1*, H. Hosseinipour Nasirmahaleh1, S. Malekshahi1, A. Fouladvand1, A. Hosseinnia1 and H. Sadegh2

Pages: 877-883

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Antigenic Characterization of the Glycosylated E2 Proteins of Classical Swine Fever Virus

Jin-Liang Wang1#, Quan-Wen Sun2#, Bing-Mei Dong3, Feng Wei1, Jin-long Chen3, Yan-kai Dong3, Ai-Hua Wang2* and Zhi-Qiang Shen1,3*

Pages: 869-875

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Isolation, Classification, Culture Conditions, and Enzyme Production of a White Rot Fungus Cerrena sp....

Shan-Shan Wang1,2, Qing-Jun Chen1, Kai Cui2, Zi-Jiang Wang2, Shou-Nan Wang2, Hai-Wen Hu2, and Guo-Qing Zhang2*

Pages: 861-868

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