Biocontrol of Stem Rot of Ground Nut Incited by Sclerotium rolfsii and in vitro...

L. Vijaya Sai*, P. Anuradha, K. Vijayalakshmi and N.P. Eswar Reddy

Pages: 565-570

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Diversity of Plant Growth Promoting Pseudomonads from Banana Rhizosphere

Kahekashan Tanveer1, A.R. Apastambh2, D.R. More3 and M.M.V. Baig1,2

Pages: 551-556

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Screening and Cloning of Partial cry1Ac Gene Fragment from an Indigenous Isolate of Bacillus...

R. Manikandan*, V. Kannan, C. Muthukumar and P. Logeshwaran, A. Ramalakshmi and V. Udayasuriyan

Pages: 545-549

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Reviving the Coccoid Forms of H. pylori Serotypes

D. Esmaeilli1*, A. Mohabati Mobarez2 and N. Sotodeh2

Pages: 541-544

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Molecular Identification of Neurospora sp. N-1 isolated from Indonesian Red Fermented Cake

Sri Priatni1, Marlia Singgih1, LBS Kardono2 and Tutus Gusdinar1

Pages: 527-531

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A Study of Antimicrobial Activities of Plant Extracts (Talisia squarrosa and Mora gonggrijpii)

Orson La Rose1, S. Gomathinayagam2*, Gregory Blyden3 and Phillip Da Silva4

Pages: 517-523

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Efficacy of Antimicrobial Finish on Cotton Fabrics

Suvamoy Datta1,2*, Md. Abbas Uddin3 and Amrita Bandyopadhyay4

Pages: 513-516

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