Novel Antibacterial Activity of Streptomyces sp. Isolated from Syrian Soil

Mohammed A. Ibrahim*, Rima Albesharat, Khulud Alsouleman and Linda Ismail

Pages: 19-22

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Cadmium resistant actinomycetes isolated from agricultural fields

Syed G. Dastager1-3, Wen-Jun Li2, Dayanand Agasar3, Jae-Chan Lee1, Dong-Jin Park1 and Chang-Jin Kim1

Pages: 11-18

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Alkaline Polysaccharidases Produced in Solid State Cultures by Alkalophilic Fungi Isolated from Argentina

N.L. Rojas1, S.F. Cavalitto1-2, M. Cabello3, R.A. Hours1 and C.E. Voget1*

Pages: 01-10

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