Optimal Conditions for Antimicrobial Activity Production from Two Microalgae Chlorella marina and Navicula f....

R. Elkomy1*, I.B.M. Ibraheem2, M. Shreadah1 and R. Mohammed3

Pages: 2725-2732

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The Change of Ostracods and Biosilicon from Lake Lugu Sediment Record and the Cause...

Chi Zhu1,2, Jingzhong Wang3 and Bing Li2

Pages: 2715-2724

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Antagonistic Streptomyces Selection to Broad Spectrum for Biological Control of Colletotrichum spp., Causal Agent...

Rattikan Yutthasin1, Petcharat Thummabenjapone1,2* and Anan Hiransalee1

Pages: 2705-2714

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Molecular Characteristics of Three Extractives of Cinnamomum camphora Leaves

Li Nian-Cun1#, Ge Sheng-Bo1#, Li Dong-Li1, Wang Li-Shu1, Qin Dao-Chun2 and Peng Wan-Xi1,3*

Pages: 2699-2703

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Molecular Characteristics of Anti-inflammatory Activities in Wood Extractives of Quercus aliena

M.A. Qingzhi1,2, M.O. Bo1, Hong Chen1, Zhang Dangquan1* and Yuzo Furuta2

Pages: 2691-2697

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Isolation of an Effective Nitrogen-Fixing Strain N1115 from Rice Rhizosphere by Rice Germ Lectin

Jian Zhang1,2*, Huiping Chang3, Zhongyou Ma4, Yuanyuan Cao1*, Xinyun Tang1 and Qi an Zhang2

Pages: 2685-2690

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