Journal of Pure and Applied MicrobiologyVol. 6 No. 4

Antimicrobial Screening of Marine Bacterium GS4 (Bacillus sp.) Associated with the Sponge, Mycale mannarensis

K. Vasundhara1, Imranullah Khan and S. Prasad

Department of Biotechnology, Hindu college, Guntur - 522 001, India.

Received on 07 April 2012 and accepted on 14 May 2012



Eleven marine bacterial strains were isolated from the sponge Mycale mannarensis from SCUBA diving at Hare Island, Tuticorin, South East coast of India. Out of the eleven strains 5 strains were found to exhibit antimicrobial activity. Out of these five strains, two strains (GS2 & GS6) exhibited antifungal activity against Candida albicans. The strain GS4 exhibited highly potent activity (30mm) against B.subtilis. This strain was chosen for further studies. The strain initially designated as GS4 with wide antimicrobial spectrum was identified as Bacillus Sps based on its 16S rRNA sequence analysis.

Keywords : Marine bacteria; Mycale mannarensis, Antimicrobial Screening.