Journal of Pure and Applied MicrobiologyVol. 4 No. 2

Antimicrobial activity of 1-Substituted phenyl-3- Substituted phenyl-4-(O-carboxyphenyl) Formazans

A. Narendra Babu and Rama Rao Nadendla

Chalapathi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chalapathi Nagar, Guntur - 522 034, India.

Received on 01 April 2010 and accepted on 11 May 2010



Novel series of 1-substituted phenyl-3-substituted phenyl-4-(o-carboxyphenyl) formazans (3a-3n) were synthesized by coupling aryl diazonium salts of various aromatic substituted amines with N-o-carboxyphenyl-2-substituted phenyl azomethines (2a-2f). The later were prepared by condensation of anthranilic acid with various substituted aldehydes. The structures of all these compounds were established on the basis of elemental analysis, IR and 1HNMR and mass spectral data. All the synthesized compounds have been screened for their antimicrobial activity against gram-positive, gram-negative and fungal pathogens. The synthesized compounds were found to have significant effect against the tested organisms.

Keywords : Synthesis, Anthranilic acid, Formazans, Azomethines, Antimicrobial activity.