Journal of Pure and Applied MicrobiologyVol. 3 No. 2

RAPD-PCR Analysis of Streptomyces sp. with Novel Antibacterial Activity

M.A. Ibrahim, S. Abdul-Wahab, R. Albesharat, H.W. Al-Obaide, M.M. Al-Obaidi and K.Alsouleman

1Royal Scientific Society, Environmental Research Center, Al-Jubeiha 11941 Jordan . 2National Commission of Biotechnology, Damascus, Syria. 3Carnegie Institute, Troy, Michigan, USA. 4College of Medicine, Baghdad University, Baghdad, Iraq.

Received on 23 May 2009 and accepted on 15 July 2009



Random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis was applied to ten bioactive and non bioactive Streptomyces isolates (RW series) recovered from Syrian soils. The Streptomyces isolates were characterized with different patterns of antibacterial activities against Gram positive and negative bacteria. Nine of 22 RAPD decamer primers which were used in the study were found to amplify Streptomyces genomic DNA, and revealed interesting DNA polymorphism in the Streptomyces genomes of the isolates. RAPD- PCR products generated twenty six DNA fragments with 290 to 1081 base pairs. RAPD-PCR analysis of Streptomyces sp. RW6/2 genomic DNA showed that the PCR products of primer OPZ-19 gave one specific fragment of 521 base pairs which was not detected in other Streptomyces isolates.

Keywords : Antibacterial activity, DNA polymorphism, RAPD-PCR, Streptomyces, Vibrio fluvialis.