Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology, Vol. 8 No. 5,

Wuttiwat Jitjak1, Sirirath Sodngam2 and Niwat Sanoamuang1,3
Biological Features and Chemical Components of Red Pigments Produced by A Novel Ascomycete Fungus, Gelatinomyces siamensis in Liquid Media
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3377-3386

Mukhammad Asy?ari1, I Putu Parwata1, Pingkan Aditiawati2, Akhmaloka1 and Rukman Hertadi1*
Isolation and Identification of Halostable Lipase Producing Bacteria from The Bledug Kuwu Mud Crater Located at Purwodadi-Grobogan, Central Java, Indonesia
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3387-3396

Dong-Uk Kim1,3, Sang-Gu Yeo2, Kyoung-Ah Baek1, Shien-Young Kang3, Myoung-Hee Shin1, Joon-Soo Park4, Jae-Kyung Kim6, Kwi-Sung Park1, Kyoung-Ah Yoon7* and Young-Jin Choi5*
Legionella Contamination and Molecular Identification in Water Systems of the Public Facilities in Korea
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3397-3409

Elizabeth O. Adedokun*, Irfan Ahmad Rather*, Vivek K. Bajpai, Kong-Ho Choi and Yong-Ha Park
Isolation and Characterization of Lactic Acid Bacteria from Nigerian Fermented Foods and their Antimicrobial Activity
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3411-3420

Voon Kin Chin1, Kuan Jeang Foong1, Maha Abdullah2, Rusliza Basir3, Norhafizah Mohtarrudin2 and Pei Pei Chong1,4*
Pathogenesis of Systemic Candida glabrata Infection in an Intravenous Challenge Murine Model
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3421-3428

Zheng Zhou1, Liang Qiang1, Chen Hao2, Liu Fang-ming1, Wang Yi-bin1, Du Ning1 and Miao Jin-lai1*
Molecular Cloning and Characterization of the alkB gene of Shewanella sp. NJ49 from Antarctic Sea Ice
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3429-3438

Jiang Tian1, Xiawei Peng1*, Xia Li1, Hongmei Feng1, Zeping Jiang2 and Yuan Wei2
Phosphate Solubilizing Abilities of Two Fungi and their Potential for Promoting Zenia insignis Growth in Heavy Metal Contaminated Soil
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3439-3449

Lu Hongsheng, Shi Longqing,Wang Yashu, Zhao Xiaoshu, Wang Jianyan and Kou Xiaoyan
Isolation and Characterization of A Salt-tolerant, Phosphate-solubilizing Bacterium Isolated from Yellow River Delta Saline-Alkali, China
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3451-3457

Lan-Min Li1,2, Kai-Yu Wang1,2*, Meng-Wei Xiao1,2, Jun Wang1,2, De-Fang Chen3, Xing-Xing Liu1,2, Yi Geng1,2 and Xiao-li Huang3
Characterization of Streptococcus agalactiae a-enolase from Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus), A Plasminogen Binding Protein on the Surface
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3459-3467

Qiong Yang1,2,3, Yu Liang1,4, Jian Yang 1* and Zhang-li Hu4*
Seasonal Effects on Soil Microbial and Biochemical Characteristics of an Invasive Weed, Mikania micrantha in South China
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3469-3479

Kalaivani Nadarajah1*, Hari Kumar Krishnan2 and Hamdia Z. Ali2
Cellular and Molecular Interactions of Magnaporthe oryzae S3 in Rice
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3481-3491

Zhengquan Gao1#, Chunxiao Meng1#*, Yan Li2, Lihua Liu1, Guoqiang Li1, Suzhen Deng1,Yicheng Shen1, Haifeng Sun1, Guoqiang Chen1, Ruihao Zhang1 and Qingkai Zhang1
Impact of Blue Light from LED on Astaxanthin Accumulation and Transcription of Key Carotenogenetics in Haematococcus pluvialis
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3493-3499

Long Miao, He Runxia, Guo Jiayi, He Jianbin* and Gao Zenggui*
Development of a Multiplex PCR Assay for Detection of Listeria monocytogenes, Shigella and Escherichia coli O157:H7 in Raw Milk
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3501-3505

Shuxian Wang1, Jianteng Wei2, Haibin Ye1, La Xu1, Le Li1, Ying Fan1 and Tianbao Li1*
Rapid, Simple, and Sensitive Detection of Vibrio alginolyticus by Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification Assay
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3507-3512

Jiang Wu*, Yingkai Tong and Litong Ban
Preliminary Isolation of two Halotolerant Bacteria from Saline-Alkali Soil of Tianjin, China
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3513-3517

Cui-Qin Li1, Chao-Shuang Xia2,3, La-Ping He2,3,4*, Lan-Xiang Li2,4 and Huan-Jing Zhou2,4
Application of Plackett-Burman Design to Find Main Medium Components and Improve Yield of Diglyceride Synthesized by A. niger GZUF36 Lipase
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3519-3523

Yu-Jin Lee1, Jong-Geun Park2, Ok-Jae Rhee3 and Gyu-Cheol Lee1*
Identification of Waterborne Microbial Pathogens by Matrix-assisted Laser-desorption/ionization Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry and the Biotyper 2.0 Databases
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3525-3530

Se Jong Han1,2*, Sung Gu Lee1,2, Heeyong Park1, Hye Yeon Koh1,3 and Joung Han Yim1
Enhanced Production of Endochitinase from An Antarctic Bacterium, Sanguibacter antarcticus PAMC21702, in Pichia pastoris
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3531-3536

Sule Senses-Ergul1 and Z. Yesim Ozbas2*
Diversity of Yeast Species During Spontaneous Fermentation of Kalecik Karasi and Emir Grapes Grown in Cappadocia Region of Turkey
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3537-3549

Sueptrakool Wisessombat1* and Chatruthai Meethai2
Prevalence of Helicobacter pylori cagA Genotype Among Dyspeptic Patients in Southern Thailand
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3551-3554

Josef Trogl1*,Dagmar Hofmanova1, Hana Burdova1, Petra Danova1, Jan Popelka1, Jana Novakova2, Pavel Kuran1, Sylvie Krizenecka1, Tatjana Brovdyova1, Nina Borisovna Gradova3 and Veronika Smirnova3
Assessment of The Roles of Indigenous and Augmented Microorganisms in Bioremediation of Recent Diesel Pollution in Agricultural Soil: A Case Study
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3555-3562

Shu-na Li*, Tong-guo Gao, Hong-ya Li and Bao-cheng Zhu
Isolation, Identification and Optimization Conditions of Antagonistic Strain Bacillus subtilis LZ2-70 Against Verticillium dahliae
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3563-3574

Mariadhas Valan Arasu1, Min Woong Jung2, Da Hye Kim2, Soundarrajan Ilavenil2, Kyung Dong Lee3,4, Gi Jun Choi2, Naif Abdullah Al-Dhabi1 and Ki Choon Choi2*
Isolation and Characterization of Lactobacillus plantarum KCC-19 from Crimson Silage
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3575-3587

Peng Wang1*, Feng-Wei Diao1,2 and Wei Ni1,2
Tree Species and Environmental Factors Determine Fatty Acids Composition of Ectomycorrhizal Mycelia
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3589-3597

Miguel A. Gallegos-Robles1, Alberto Morales-Loredo2*, Genoveva ?lvarez-Ojeda3, Jes?s V?zquez-Navarrete4, Sixto Velarde-F?lix5, Pina Fratamico6 and Jos? L. Garc?a-Hern?ndez1
Genetic Diversity Demonstrated by Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis of Salmonella enterica Isolates Obtained from a Bell Pepper Production System and Other Sources in Mexico
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3599-3607

Eman Afkar1,2, Hashem M. Al-Sheikh1 and Ashraf Y. Z. Khalifa1,2
Pseudomonas spp. - The most Popular Water Contaminants of Fresh Water Storage Tanks in Al-Ahsa Providence, KSA
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3609-3616

Fuad Ameen*, Mohamed A. Moslem, Sarfaraz Hadi and Ahmed E. Al-Sabri
Biodegradation of Cellulosic Materials by Marine Fungi Isolated from South Corniche of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3617-3626

Zuvairea Nazren Mohd Sirajudin1, Qamar Uddin Ahmed2*, Ahmed Jalal Khan Chowdhury1, El Zawane Kamarudin1, Abdul Viqar Khan3, ABM Helal Uddin2 and Najiah Musa4
Antimicrobial Activity of Banana (Musa paradisiaca L.) Peels against Food Borne Pathogenic Microbes
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3627-3639

Mohamed A. Mahmoud1 and Abeer R.M. Abd-El-Aziz2
AFB1 Occurrence and Aflatoxin Biosynthesis Genes in Wheat Derivatives
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3641-3645

Malak Mohammed Al-Hakeem1, Khalid Khalaf Alharbi2 and Imran Ali Khan2*
The C Allele of the rs4929949 STK33 gene Polymorphism is Associated with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3647-3652

Honnur Basha and Bonam Ramanujam
Growth Promoting Potential of Native Bacillus megaterium Strain EXB-53 in Some Vegetable Crops in Commercial Nursery
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3653-3665

Poonam Kumari, Savita Jandaik and Sudha Batta
A Thermotolerant Protease from Bacillus sp? Isolation, Characterization, Optimization and Purification
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3667-3674

Yandri*, Rina Rachmawati, Tati Suhartati and Sutopo Hadi#
The Chemical Modification of Cellulase from Locale Bacteria Isolate Bacillus subtilis ITBCCB148 with Glyoxylic Acid
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3675-3680

N.A.H. Yusoff1, M.S. Bustamam1, F. Abas1,2, A. Khatib3 and Y. Rukayadi1,2*
Antimicrobial Activity of Cosmos caudatus Extract Against Foodborne Pathogens
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3681-3688

T.A. Dao Nguyen and H.K. Tu Nguyen*
Detection on Cytotoxicity Activities in Lactobacillus rhamnosus
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3689-3695

Abdallah M. Elgorban1,2*, Ali H. Bahkali1, Mohamed Elsheshtawi3 and Shaban R.M. Sayed4
Effect of Carbon, Nitrogen Sources and Carbon to Nitrogen Ratios on Sclerotinia sclerotiorum
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3697-3701

Afrah E. Mohammed
Remedial Power of Honey from Different Flora Sources on Some Bacterial Strains Isolated from Infected Wounds
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3703-3710

Ali Yadollahpour1*, Samaneh Rashidi1, Zohre Ghotbeddin2, Mostafa jalilifar1 and Zohreh Rezaee1
Electromagnetic Fields for the Treatments of Wastewater: A Review of Applications and Future Opportunities
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3711-3719

Mahwish Salman1*, Muhammad Shahid?1, Amer Jamil1 and Sajjad Ur Rahman2
Effect of Lactobacillus acidophilus Bacteriocin on Bacillus cereus Biofilms
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3721-3728

Wenjuan Wang1, Guowei Zhang1, Xiangmei Zhang1, QianQian Xia1, Andreea Cosoveanu2, Youngjoon Ahn3, Mo Wang1 and Shaohua Shu1*
Construction of a T-DNA Insertional Library of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides ES026 Strain and Cloning of Relevant Gene of Huperzine A Biosynthesis Pathway
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3729-3738

Mehtap Tanyol1 and Gulsad Uslu2
Production of Lipase by P. fluorescens (NRLL B-2641) under Submerged Fermentation Conditions
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3739-3745

Chandran Masi1*, A. Arun Samuel Pandian1, S.Thiruvengadam2 and N. Parthasarathy2
Enrichment and Immobilizaiton of Enterococcus hirae In Various Matrices to Study their Protease Production Efficiency
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3747-3754

G.S. Geeta*, Avitha K. Marihal and Smita R. Babar
Exploration of Acidogenic and Solventogenic Clostridum sp. from Habitat of Different Ecosystems
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3755-3763

Manjula N.G.1, Girish C. Math1, Shripad A. Patil2, Subhashchandra M. Gaddad1 and Channappa T. Shivannavar1*
Prevalence of MDR- ESbL Producing Escherichia coli Isolated from Urinary Tract Infections of Pregnant Women in Karnataka
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3765-3771

Mohamed M. Abdalla1*, Abd El-Galil E. Amr2,3, Mohamed G. Assy4 and Zainab M. Ramadan4
Calcium Channel Blocking and Anti-arrhythmic Activities of Some Thienopyrimidine with Benzoxazine, Quinazoline and Azole Moieties
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3773-3780

Fadime Ozdemir Kocak1*, Talha Gencbay2 and Kamil Isik2*
Selective Isolation and Molecular Identification of Different Actinomycetes from Various Habitats
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3781-3788

Nuket Sivri1*, Michael J. Allen2, Mark Jones2 and Vildan Akbulut1
Potential Public Health Significance of Faecal Contamination in South-western Coastal Area in Istanbul, Turkey
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3789-3796

Shine Kadaikunnan1*, Thankappan Sarasam Rejiniemon2 and Naiyf Sultan Alharbi1
Isolation and Characterization of Pseudomonas Strain Cabable of Degrading Hydrocarbons
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3797-3806

Hamed A. El-Serehy1,2*, Khaled A. Al-Rasheid1, Fahad Al-Misned1 and Golam Mortuza1
Citrus sinensis Peel Extract Induced In vitro Effects on Herpes Simplex Virus
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3807-3812

Yinjuan Zhao1, Xiaoqin Wu1, Yijun Dai2 and Sheng Yuan2*
A Dynamic Analytic Approach to Evaluate Metabolism of Imidaclothiz following Application by Biotransformation in Stenotrophomonas maltophilia
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3813-3818

Cuiping Zheng, Xiaoping Cai, Zhen Liu, Shenghao Wu, Yuejian Shi and Wenjin Zhou
Clinical Analysis of Treatment with Voriconazole for Invasive Fungal Infections of 69 Patients with Hematologic Diseases
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3819-3825

Li Eryong
Effect of Inflammatory Diseases of the Oral Cavity and Pharynx on Vocal Ability of Choir Students
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3827-3831

Zhou Jing-bo1 and Huang Ji-hong2
The Effect of Glucose Stress on the Cell-viability of Corynebacterium glutamicum
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3833-3837

Qian Ying-Zi1, Li Yue-Heng1, Zhou Hong1, Zhang Xue-Mei2, Yin Yi-Bing2 and Zhou Zhi1*
Prokaryotic Expression Purification and Protein Activity Detection of Histidinekinase VicK from Streptococcus mutans
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3839-3842

Quan-Xue Lan, Xue-Jian Chen, Qiong-Ying Yan, Jing Chen, Xiu-Ling Ye, Jun Yang, Congcong Liu, Xing-Huan Li, Jing-Min Huang and Guo-Wu Yang
Study on Characteristics and Nitrate Reduction of Kluyvera Isolated from Ginger
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3843-3848

Chao-pin Li1,2*, Qi Chen2, Xiao-dong Zhang2 and Lian-ping He3
Acaroid Mites (Astigmata) Breeding in the Stored Dry Fruits in China
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3849-3856

Wang Yi-bin1, Liu Fang-ming1, Liang Qiang1, Zhang Xiu-fang2, Zheng Zhou1, Zang Jia-ye1 and Miao Jin-lai1*
Cloning, Expression and Bioinformatics Analysis of Dioxygenase Gene from Antarctica Sea-Ice Strain Shewanella sp. NJ49
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3857-3864

Mohamed Z.M. Salem1, Mohamed S. El-Shikh2 and Hayssam M. Ali2,3*
Antibacterial Activity of Extract from the Stem Bark of Schinus terebinthifolius
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3865-3870

Jamal M. Khaled1,2*, Naiyf S. Alharbi1 and K. Shine1
Efficacy of Crude Alcoholic Extracts from Culture Broth of Desert Truffles against Some Clinical Microbial Isolates
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3871-3877

Mohamed A. Mahmoud1*, Monira R. Al-Othman2, Abeer R.M. Abd El-Aziz2 and Aisha S. Al-Wadai2
Genetic Characterization of Aspergillus flavus Contamination of Sorghum Grains using DNA Marker
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3879-3890

Mohamed A. Dkhil1,2*, Denis Delic3 and Saleh Al-Quraishy1
In vitro Anti-viral Activity of Orange Methanolic Peel Extract
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3891-3896

Najat A. Bukhari*, Khulood Mohammad Al-arjany and Mohammed M. Ibhrahim
The Pollen Morphology and its Sharing in the Taxonomy of Some Plant Species in Saudi Arabia
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3897-3901

Afrah E. Mohammed* and Jehan S. Al-Brahim
Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of Antimicrobial Potency of Silver Nanoparticles using Ziziphus spina-christi L. Leaf Extract
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3903- 3908

Mohamed Z.M. Salem1, Ashraf A. Hatamleh2 and Hayssam M. Ali2,3*
Efficacy of Oily and Resinous Fractions of Cone Extracts from Pinus roxburghii Sarg
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3909-3913

Alghuthaymi, Mousa Abdullah
Utilization of Nanotechnology for Development of Antimicrobial Zeolities Surfaces
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3915-3921

Abd El-Rahim M.A. El-Samawaty1,2*, Mohamed A. Moslem1, Mohamed A. Yassin1,2 and Abdullah A. Al-Arfaj1
Contamination of Cashew Nut with Myco-toxigenic Fungi
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3923-3931

Sobhy. M. Yakout 1,2*, Ashraf A. Mostafa 3 and Ahmed A. Abdeltawab 4
A Simple Aqueous Solution based Chemical Methodology for Synthesis of Ag-Nanoparticles using Sucrose
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3933-3936

Hashem Abeer1 and Abd_Allah EF2*
Antifungal Potential of Propolis Against Carcinogenic Citrinin Produced by Aspergillus terreus Thom
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3937-3943

Jehan Saud Al-Brahim
Genomic Variability in Alfalfa Mosaic Virus Isolated from Alfalfa Plant (Medicago sativa) in Saudi Arabia and the Development of RT-PCR Procedures for Accurate Virus Detection
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3945-3950

Ahmed E. Al-Sabri1*, Mohamed A. Moslem1, Sarfaraz Hadi1, Mohamed A. Yassin1,2 and Fuad Ameen1
Antifungal Activity of Commiphora myrrha L. Against Some Air Fungi
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3951-3955

F. Badillo1, A. Rivera1,2*, O. Romero1,3, A. Arag?n1,3, M. Huerta4, R. Santellan2 and E. Reyes5
Spiroplasmas Detection in Isolates of Apis mellifera in Puebla-Mexico
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3957-3962

Nisma Farooq, Asif Raheem and Basharat Ali*
Waterborne Escherichia coli: Biosafety and Screening as Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3963-3971

Oluwatosin A. Ijabadeniyi and Shanice Naidoo
Biocontrol of Listeria monocytogenes ATCC 7644 in Fresh Tomato with Probiotics
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3973-3980

Mehdi Kargar1, Mohammad Zareian Jahromi2*, Mohammad Kargar2 and Reza Robati3
Prevalence of Pathogenic Genes of Escherichia coli O157:H7 Strains from Patients with Urinary Tract Infections in Iran
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3981-3987

Mohtaram Nasrolahei1,2? Bahador Zahedi1? Neda Jalalvand2, Hossein Saghi3 and Davoud Esmaeili3*
The Study of Prevalence and Expression of Efflux Pump Genes in Acinetobacter baumannii Strains Resistant to Aminoglycosides in Sari (Iran.)
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3989-3993

Vahid Rahnamaye Hayati Hagh1,2, Mahmoud Mahami Oskouei1,2*, Ahad Bazmani1 , Abolfazl Miahipour1,2 and Nasrin Mirsamadi3
Genetic Classification and Differentiation of Enterobius vermicularis Based on Mitochondrial Cytochrome C Oxidase (cox1) in Northwest of Iran
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 3995-3999

Ahsan A. Kadhimi1,3*, Arshad Naji Alhasnawi1,4, Anizan Isahak2, Mehdi Farshad Ashraf1, Azhar Mohamad5, Febri Doni1, Wan Mohtar Wan Yusoff1 and Che-Radziah CheMohd Zain1*
Use of Biotechnology to Improve the Tolerance in Rice (Oryza sativa) to Drought Stress
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4001-4010

Soo-Han Lee1, Won-Chang Lee2 , Soo-Jin Lee2, Yang-Ho Jang2, Hyo-Bi Kim2, Tai-Young Yoon3, So-Hee An3 and Nong-Hoon Choe2*
A Retrospective Study of Q Fever for Epidemiological Aspects in Korea, 2006-2010
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4011-4015

M. Valan Arasu1, 2, S. Ilavenil2, M.Jane2, D-H Kim3, K-D Lee4, H-S Park2 and K-C Choi2*
Effect of Addition of Chlorella with Lactobacillus plantarum on Quality, Microbial Contents and Fermentation Metabolites of Barley and Pea Silages
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4017-4023

R. Manikandan* and T. Raguchander
Detection of Antibiotic Compounds from Liquid Formulation of Pseudomonas fluorescens (Pf1) by TLC and HPLC Analysis
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4025-4030

Ali Yadollahpour*, Mostafa Jalilifar and Samaneh Rashidi
Antimicrobial Effects of Electromagnetic Fields: A Review of Current Techniques and Mechanisms of Action
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4031-4043

Lei Yang, Xiangguo Wang, Yujie Song, Qian Li , Rui Dai, Guangdong Zhang, Yaping Jin and Aihua Wanga*
Cloning, Expression and Purification of Omp16, Omp19 and Omp28 of Brucella melitensis S19
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4045-4050

Sutopa Das1*, Arun Prasad2, Krishna Sarma1, Subhash Medhi3, Sujoy Bose3 and Manab Deka3
Expression and SNP Analysis of Bovine TLR3 Gene in FMD Infected Cattle
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4051-4060

Mohannad Abdulah Alwatban1, S. Hadi2 and M.A. Moslem2*
Mycotoxin Production in Cladosporium Species Influenced by Temperature Regimes
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4061-4069

Ali Yadollahpour*, Jalilifar Mostafa, Rashidi Samaneh and Rezaee Zohreh
Ultrasound Therapy for Wound Healing: A Review of Current Techniques and Mechanisms of Action
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4071-4085

Lata Jain1*, Mayank Rawat1, Vinay Kumar2, Priscilla Kerketta3, Deepti Chachra4, Sangram Ramane1, Vikramaditya Upmanyu1 and Ashok Kumar Tiwari1
Morphological and Molecular Characterization of Indian Isolate of Brucellaphage
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4087-4097

Jayanti Jena 1, Rajesh Kumar Sahoo2, E Subudhi 2* and N K Debata1*
Prevalence of ESBL, MBL and Ampc-b- Lactamases Producing Multidrug Resistance Gram Negative Bacteria in a Tertiary Care Hospital
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4099-4105

Nitin Dudhe1*, Sandip Chaudhary1, Pranita Pantawane2, Thadiyam Puram Ramees3, Archana Patil1, Shilpashree Shinde1 and Himani Dhanze3
Prevalence and Seroprevalence of Listeria monocytogenes Among Slaughtered Food Animals and Human Cancer Patients
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4107-4115

Mohd Baqir1, Saket Bhusan2, Deepak Sharma1, Amit Kumar1, M. Saminathan3, K. Dhama3, Ashish Bhaladhare1, Ramji Yadav1, Om Prakash1, R. Renjith1, Arvind Sonwane1, Pushpendra Kumar1 and Anuj Chauhan1
Bovine IL12RB1, IL12RB2, and IL23R Polymorphisms and Bovine Tuberculosis?(bTB) Infection status
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4117-4124

Tanushree Laha1, Annubhawi Shrivastava1*, Amit Sachdeva1 and Neeta Raj Sharma1
Biological Synthesis and Characterization of Silver Nanoperticles Using Egg White and their Antimicrobial Activity
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4125-4130

S.Kumaravel1 and K. Alagusundaram2
Antimicrobial Activity and Phytochemical Analysis of Selected Indian Spices
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4131-4136

Meena Varma1*, Kamal Kachhawa1*, Ankita Sahu1 and Poonam Kachhawa2
Association of Antioxidant Enzymes and MDA level in Diabetic Nephropathy Patients in Indore Region of Madhya Pradesh
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4137-4141

A. Brinda Devi, C. Valli Nachiyar* and T. Kaviyarasi
Bacillus cereus Mediated Synthesis of ?Green Plastics?- Polyhydroxybutyrate
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4143-4147

Mohammed Sarosh Khan
Modification of Atpase Activity in Relation to Azole and Polyenes in Candida albicans
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4149-4154

Bharti Singh1, Ragini Tilak1, Ratan Kumar Srivastava2, Deepmala Katiyar3* and R. S. Chauhan4
Urinary Tract Infection and its Risk Factors in Women: An Appraisal
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4155-4162

Khushbu Patel1*, Hiren Patel2 and Gaurav Shah1
Production and Optimization of Cellulase Enzymes from Newly Isolated Fungi
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4163-4169

Vikas D. Dighe1, Arvind Kumar Singh1, Dimpal Thakuria1 and Satish Kumar1*
Conformational Changes in Testis Specific Homing Peptide in Polar and Apolar Environment
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4171-4176

Hanan Mahmood1,Tridisha Goswami1 and Pratyoosh Shukla1,2*
An Overview of Quick-Witted Vacuum Cleaner Tape Technique Towards Cataloguing Keratinophilic Fungi From Floor Dust Samples of Student Hostels
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4177-4180

Anjaneya1, Shambhu Dayal Singh1, Kuldeep Dhama1*, Mohd. Yaqoob Wani2 and Vasudevan Gowthaman1
Isolation, Antibiogram and PCR Detection of Avibacterium paragallinarum from Poultry Flocks of India
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4181-4188

Z. P. Bhathena and Sachin S.Tawde
Recovery of Silver from Exposed x-ray Film using Alkaline Protease
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4189-4194

Chinnashanmugam Saravanan and Prathapkumar H Shetty*
Screening of Antagonistic Activity and Antibiotic Resistance of Microflora Isolated from Idli Batter
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4195-4199

M. Amin Bhat1, B. K. Nayak2* and Anima Nanda1
Mycobased Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles and its Synergistic Antibacterial Activity Combined with Ofloxacin and Moxifloxacin
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4201-4207

Sujatha Kandasamy and Kumar Krishnamoorthy*
Biotransformation of Cyandie by Native Bacteria from Sago Wastewater Under Anaerobic Conditions
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4209-4214

Vasudha Singh1, Shivesh Sharma1*, Keshav Prasad Shukla1, Jyoti Singh1, Shikha Devi1, Ashish Tiwari1 and Rajkishor Gupta1
Deciphering Rhizospheric Bacterial Diversity Associated with three Threatened Medicinal Plants of Amarkantak Region in Central India
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4215-4220

A.R. Alagawadi, S. Ammanna, C.K. Doddagoudar, A. Marihal and P.U. Krishnaraj
Native Isolates of Beijerinckia from Western Ghats Producing High Amount of Indole Acetic Acid
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4221-4224

Ashok Kumar Panigrahi1, Amrita Kumari Panda2 and S.P.S. Bisht2*
Protease Characteristics of a Bacteriocin Producing Lysinibacilli (HM359123) Isolated from Nagavali River Basin India
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4225-4230

D. Egamberdieva1,2, H. Botir3, Hashem Abeer4 and Abd-Allah E.F.5*
Characterization of Salt Tolerant Enterobacter hormaechei Strain associated with Tomato Root Grown in Arid Saline Soil
Volume 8 No. 5 Page No. 4231-4239

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