ISSN: 0973-7510

E-ISSN: 2581-690X

Bin Wang , Dong Wang and Jie Zhang
1EOSA Institute, Northeastern University at Qinhuangdao, Qinhuangdao, China.
J Pure Appl Microbiol. 2013;7(Spl. Edn.: April):117-122
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Received: 03/03/2013 | Accepted: 14/04/2013 | Published: 30/04/2013

Marine microbes are tiny organisms that live in marine environments. They include cellular life forms: bacteria, algae and plankton along with the viruses that freeload on the cellular life forms. They can only be seen under a microscope. The influence of them can be viewed as Lognormal distribution. In this paper, we use ZMNL method to model clutter. After making a detailed analysis of ZMNL, we use this method to generate Lognormal distribution clutter based on the characteristics of Lognormal distribution. Simulation results show that the generated clutter approaches the theoretical value and the method is effective. Finally, the whole paper is summarized.


Marine Microbes, Clutter Modeling, ZMNL, Lognormal Distribution

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