kiemute Emmanuel Idise

Department of Microbiology, Delta State University, Abraka, Nigeria.


Microbial deterioration of Agidi during storage at room temperature was investigated in the laboratory. Microbial population of Agidi increased from 0.3 x 102 to 5.4 x 104 cfu/g after 48h. Change in odour, taste, colour and physical appearance occurred 48h after preparation. Bacillus sp, Penicillium sp, Aspergillus sp and Mucor sp were the organisms encountered. Growth of microorganisms in heat treated Agidi was inhibited for 2 weeks. A similar trend was observed with Bacillus sp – inoculated agidi. It can be concluded that heat treatment (100oC for 1 – 5 mins) can extend the shelf life of Agidi for 2 weeks.

Keywords: Microbial deterioration, Agidi, Heat treatment, Sterilized, Storage, Shelf-life.