Shashi Bernice Bailey and Pragati Misra

Department of Molecular and Cellular Engineering, SHIATS, Allahabad-211007, India.


Algae have received global attention as a renewable resource of biodiesel and may play an important role as a component contributing to the economic growth of the country. A variety of blue-green and green algae are found in the wetlands of various regions of India, however, they have hitherto remained untapped. Present research work deals with the isolation of gene responsible for expression of delta 9 acyl-lipid desaturase from Nostoc sp. which is a potent source of lipids that can be further utilized in biodiesel production. Due to the ever increasing fuel need it is of great importance to find an alternative feedstock for energy source. The above mentioned gene was then sequence characterized. The ORF sequence was identified in the gene sequence of Acyl lipid desaturases from Nostoc sp. Eight similar sequences were also identified which are present in different organism. The ORF sequence belongs to the Functional domain (Membrane_FADS) –like superfamily. Four different motifs of different length were also identified.

Keywords: 9 acyl-lipid desaturase,  Nostoc sp.,  biodiesel.