Bio-Efficacy of Agro Clean, A Bioproduct Against Sucking Insect Pests of Bt Cotton

M. B. Zala, P. K. Borad, T. M. Bharpoda*, J. B. Bhut and N. A. Bhatt

Department of Agricultural Entomology, B. A. College of Agriculture, Anand Agricultural University Anand – 388 110, India.

Received on 15 July 2016 and accepted on 27 September 2016



An experiment was conducted during two consecutive kharif seasons of 2013-14 and 2014-15 in order to evaluate the bio-efficacy of agro clean, a bioproduct @ 1, 2, 3 and 4% along with NSKS @ 5% and imidacloprid 17.8 SL @ 0.008% as standard check against sucking insect pests of Bt cotton. The results of the field efficacy experiment showed that the standard check, a synthetic insecticide imidacloprid 17.8 SL @ 0.008% was found highly effective in reducing the population of aphid, leaf hopper, thrips and whitefly in cotton followed by biopesticides, agro clean @ 3 and 4%. The seed cotton yield was also recorded significantly the highest in imidacloprid 17.8 SL @ 0.008 (31.05 q/ha) followed by agro clean @ 4% (28.32 q/ha) and agro clean @ 3% (26.90 q/ha). Considering the results of bio-efficacy and yield, agro clean, a bioproduct of M/s Shukla Ashar Impex Private Limited, Rajkot @ 3 and 4% was found effective against major sucking pests in Bt cotton.


 Bio-efficacy, sucking insect pests, agro clean, Bt cotton, seed cotton yield