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Asma Fayaz, Latief Ahmad and Purshotam Singh
Faculty of Agriculture, Division of Agronomy, Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Kashmir, Shalimar – 190 025, India.
J Pure Appl Microbiol, 2016, 10 (2): 1109-1115| Article Number: 4108
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Received: 10/12/2015 | Accepted: 14/01/2016 | Published: 30/06/2016

Farming system based on chemicals is not sustainable because of many problems such as loss of soil structure, fertility, productivity and deterioration of quality of produce. On the other hand the application of organic fertilizers and manures ensures better soil health, soil structure and enhances growth of beneficial micro organisms.  Millions of tons of agricultural and industrial waste are discarded every year at considerable financial and environmental cost. Instead of discarding the food scraps and waste, we can recycle these with the help of earth worms. Vermiculture technology involves the beneficial use of industrial waste which is rich in macro as well as micro nutrients and amount to nearly 320 million tons annually. With the help of vermicomposting we can convert all such waste to wealth by producing highly marketable castings. Research reveals that vermi-technology has a prominent role in the development of ideal soil structure, nutrient and water management, waste management better crop response, plant disease and pest control and production of chief animal protein in the form of earth worms for poultry farming and aquaculture, however incase of vegetable crops vermicomposting is economically feasible instead in cereals.


Vermi-composting, Organic agriculture and eco-friendly.

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