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Batool Hassan Al-Ghurabi1 , Abeer Khalid Yaseen1 and Mohammed Imran Hamzah2

1Department of Basic Science, College of Dentistry, University of Baghdad, Iraq.
2Department of Biochemistry, Medical College, Al-Nahrain University, Iraq.
J Pure Appl Microbiol, 2019, 13 (1): 475-479 | Article Number: 5510
Received: 04/01/2019| Accepted: 07/03/2019 | Published: 22/03/2019

Colorectal cancer (CRC) remains one of the main public health problems throughout the world. It has recently been observed that both of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) and alkaline phosphatase (ALP) enzymes play critical role in cancer expansion. Current study was enrolled for investigating serum levels of LDH and ALP before and after surgery, as well as to assess if whether association of these enzymes with the histological grades of CRC. By using colorimetric method the activity LDH and ALP were determined in serum of 50 CRC patients before surgery, and in 30 patients after surgical compared with 30 healthy controls. The levels of LDH and ALP were increase in patients group before surgical treatment (p<0.001) than that in control group. Further, significant differences were found in the mean of serum enzymes after surgery in 30 patients, also mean serum levels of these enzymes increased in patients with advanced stages of tumor. These finding suggest that serum levels of LDH and ALP appears to be of some prognostic value in CRC.


Colorectal cancer, ALP, LDH.

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