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Syeda Samina Anjum1 , A. Nagaraja2, Gowdra Nagamma1, Suresh Patil2, Somashekhar Konda1 and M.V. Channabyre Gowda2
1Department of Plant Pathology, UAS, GKVK, Bangaluru – 560 065, India.
2Project Coordinating Unit AICRP (Small Millets), ICAR, Bengaluru – 560 065, India.
J. Pure Appl. Microbiol., 2016, 10 (1): 437-446
© The Author(s). 2016
Received: 11/12/2015 | Accepted: 09/02/2016 | Published: 31/03/2016

‘Blast’ caused by the heterothallic ascomycete, Magnaporthe grisea (Hebert) Barr. (Anamorph: Pyricularia grisea (Cooke) Sacc.) is the most important disease of finger millet. The rapid changes that occur in the virulence characteristics of this pathogen raise a continuous threat to the existing blast resistant varieties. The pathogen is known for its high genetic variability. Due to continuous shift in its genetic makeup, resistant varieties often succumb to infection. Therefore the present study was undertaken to know the variability of P. grisea existing among the different agro-ecological zones of India. A total of seven SSR markers were used for assaying genetic diversity among the isolates of P. grisea from 48 finger millet varieties collected from three different locations viz., Bengaluru, Vizianagaram and Waghai. Of the seven SSR primers used, 16 alleles were detected with the number of alleles per locus ranging from 2-3 (average of 2.28 alleles/ locus). Gene diversity varied from 0.08 (MGM437) to 0.65 (Pyrms 15 and 16) with an average of 0.38. However, no heterozygosity (0.00%) was detected among the isolates. The PIC values ranged from 0.07 (MGM437) to 0.58 (Pyrms 15 and 16) with an average of 0.32/marker. The allelic size also ranged from 134-204 to 151-281 bp for MGM and Pyrms primers respectively.


Blast, Pyricularia grisea, Isolates, Molecular variability, SSR markers.

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