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Lali Growther1 and Niren Andrew S.2
1Department of Microbiology, Hindusthan College of Arts and Science, Behind NavaIndia, Coimbatore – 641 028, India.
2Department of Microbiology, Madras Christian College, East Tambaram, Coimbatore – 600 059, India.
J Pure Appl Microbiol. 2010;4(2):887-890
© The Author(s). 2010
Received: 18/02/2010 | Accepted: 26/03/2010| Published: 31/10/2010

E.coli is a normal intestinal flora in animals and human beings. Diarrhoea causing E.coli is classified as Enterotoxigenic E.coli, Enteroinvasive E.coli, Enteropathogenic E.coli, and Enterohaemorrhagic E.coli (EHEC). EHEC is an emerging pathogen causing haemorrhagic colitis and Haemolytic Uremic Syndrome.The most common EHEC is E.coli O157:H7.In this study, E.coli is isolated from 100 faecal samples of cattle in Coimbatore. Among the  E.coli isolates, 32 were sorbitol non fermentors. These sorbitol non fermentors were subjected to drug susceptibility to 12 different antibiotics. Multiple drug resistance was observed.


Drug resistance,  Sorbitol non fermenting E.coli, E.coli biovars

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