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Muayad S. Badr
Department of microbiology, University college of science, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India.
J. Pure Appl. Microbiol., 2018, 12 (4): 2275-2282 | Article Number: 5270
Received: 03/09/2018 | Accepted: 14/10/2018 | Published: 26/12/2018

Milk is a nutrient rich source of proteins. It also containing water, fat, and lactose. Ice-cream is milk based product providing nearly equal nutrients as compared with he whole milk. So, It can be serve as a good source for the growth of microorganisms as milk. In the present study, 10 ice-cream samples were collected and evaluated for the presence of various microorganisms. The collected samples were subjected or the isolation and identification of bacteria. The spread plate technique was used. About 25 bacterial species were isolated from the samples. These bacteria were characterized on the basis of morphological,cultural and biochemical tests. Those are Escherichia coli (8 species), Enterobacter (3 species), Klebsiella (7 species), Proteus (3) and Staphylococcus (4 species). Further, antibiotic sensitivity test was also performed these results showed that the most of the ice creams are in poor standard. As ice cream is a rich source of milk nutrient i.e, casein (milk protein), lactose (milk sugar), added sugars and cream rich in lipid, it acts as a good medium for growth and multiplication of microorganisms mainly bacteria and fungi. The organisms isolated in this study are mostly mesophilic, but they can also lead a latent life in psychrophilic.


Ice-cream, Bacterial isolates, Escherichia coli, Hyderabad

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