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Shreeshail Sonyal1 , V.B. Nargund2, Yallappa Jagarkal3, K.B. Palanna1, S. Madhu Giri2, Anil Pappachan1, H. Shivalingappa1, H.S. Mahesha1, Devanshu Dev1 and M.E. Puneeth1
1Department of Plant Pathology, UAS, GKVK, Bangalore, India.
2Department of Plant Pathology, UAS, Dharwad, India.
3Department of Agricultural Microbiology, UAS, GKVK, Bangalore, India.
J. Pure Appl. Microbiol., 2016, 10 (1): 191-195
© The Author(s). 2016
Received: 27/10/2015 | Accepted: 09/12/2015 | Published: 31/03/2016

In this experiment 45th day was crucial day for wilting. Branches were rapidly wilted in all treatment. After 45th day gradual yellowing and wilting was noticed very slowly due to effect of chemicals, bio agents and plant product, micronutrientand insecticide. Among the chemicals propiconazole was more effective followed by Difenoconazole. However in bio agents T. harzianumand P. fluorescens were effective than alone.Before drenching all plants showing partial wilting and yellowing but none of the plants completely wilted in all treatments. Propiconazole was significantly superior than remaining treatments. Propiconazole treated plants were recovered at 105th day, followed by difenconazole the plants were recovered at 120th day. These two chemicals were effective than remaining treatments. After 120th day propiconazole (0.00%), difenconazole (0.00%) and T. harzianum + P. flourescence (0.00%) are on par with each other. captan+ carbendazim (16.66%), T. harzianum (16.66%), Copper oxychloride (16.66%) and mancozeb (16.66%) were on par with each other. Followed by neemcake (33.34%) and vitavax power (33.34%). In control (83.33%) was showing highest percent of wilting.


45th day, 105th day, 120th day, Completely wilted plants and partially wilted plants.

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