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Kotgire Ganesh Sopanrao and B.P. Mehta
1Department of Plant Pathology, N. M. College Agriculture, NAU, Navsari, India.
J Pure Appl Microbiol. 2015;9(1):815-818
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Received: 15/10/2014 | Accepted: 03/12/2014 | Published: 31/03/2015

Seed infecting fungi are important constraints for the groundnut crop prior harvesting to storage. Many fungal pathogens attack on the seeds and hamper seed health. Isolation of seed-infecting fungi was done by standard blotter method and Agar plate method. Isolation by both the methods revealed the predominantly association of Sclerotium rolfsii, Fusarium moniliforme, Fusarium equiseti, Helminthosporium sp., Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus flavus. In pathogenecity test, highest per cent of pre and post-emergence mortality was observed in seeds of Local variety inoculated with Aspergillus flavus i.e. 40.00 and 48.89 per cent respectively.


Fungal Load, Pre and Post Emergence Mortality, Groundnut

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