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Chao Li1, Hui-Fang Zou1, Hai-Jiao Tian1, 2, Yu-Hua Li1, 2 and Hong-Yan Yang1,2
1College of Life Sciences, Northeast Forestry University, Harbin 150040, P.R. China.
2Daqing Bio-tech Institute, Northeast Forestry University, Daqing 163316, P.R. China.
J Pure Appl Microbiol. 2014;8(4):2559-2566
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Received: 21/04/2014 | Accepted: 03/07/2014 | Published: 31/08/2014

In this study, in order to analyze the microbial dynamics during Chinese suan cai fermentation, seventy-three strains were isolated using culture-dependent method. DNA extraction, PCR amplification of 16S rDNA and sequencing were used to identify the strains. At day 6 and day 12 of fermentation, strains were mainly spherical bacteria, including Leuconostoc mesenteroides and Lactococcus lactis. At day 26 of fermentation, bacteria mainly belonged to Lactobacillus. In addition, Paenibacillus sp. and uncultured bacterium were also detected. Biochemical results showed that the pH value decreased from 7.3 to 4.1 after 8 d fermentation. Lactic acid bacteria and other bacteria dramatically proliferated in the first 6 d fermentation. The accumulation of lactic acid and acetic acid continued to the 26th day of fermentation, and the values were 6.5 and 0.64 g/L, respectively. Lactic acid was the main volatile product. When fermentation temperature was 16 ºC, suan cai was mature after 18 d fermentation. The results of this study provide the fundamental data for screening the effective inoculant used in suan cai fermentation.


Sauerkraut, Suan cai, Fermentation, Lactic acid bacteria, Microbial dynamic

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