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P. Jayalakshmi, P. Suvarnalatha Devi, G. Revathi, N.D. Prasanna and S.K. Shaheen
Department of Applied Microbiology, SPMVV, Tirupati – 517 502, India.
J Pure Appl Microbiol. 2010;4(2):863-866
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Received: 03/04/2010 | Accepted: 24/05/2010| Published: 31/10/2010

The Nitrogenase Fe- protein was isolated from Rhizobium sps. which was  purified and the properties similar to those of the Fe- Protein of other nitrogen fixing organisms with respect to its molecular weight, non-protein groups like Phosphates, Ribose and an adenine like unit are covalently bound to the protein. The nitrogense Fe protein is a a2 dimer containing Fe4S4 cluster. The Fe- protein was eluted with 400 mM- Nacl on to a DEAE-Cellulose column as a dark brown band at the top of the column. The molecular weight of the protein is about 61500Da.


Nitrogenase Fe- protein, Rhizobium sps, DEAE-cellulose column, NifH gene

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