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S.K. Bhardwaj and J.S. Laura
Department of Bio-Sciences, M.D.University, Rohtak – 124 001, India.
J Pure Appl Microbiol. 2009;3(1):163-168
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Received: 10/10/2008 | Accepted: 12/11/2008 | Published: 30/04/2009

The efficacy of aqueous extracts of twenty plants was observed for their antifungal activity against Chaetomium globosum, inciting decay of cotton and other cellulose materials. Test results showed a differential activity of the plant extracts against the mycelium growth. The maximum inhibitory effect was shown by rhizome extracts of Curcuma domastica and seed extracts of Acacia arabicae. The seed extracts of Albizia stipulata, leaf extracts of Aegle marmelos and root extracts of Acacia catechu showed appreciable inhibitory effect against the test fungi. Other plants viz. Casuarinae equisetifolia > Cuscuta reflexa > Cassia fistula > Carissa carandus >Azadirachta indica> Capparis decidua > Ceiba pentandra showed inhibitory activity in that order.


Chaetomium globosum, Antifungal Activity, Plant-extracts, Phytochemicals

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