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APB Balaji1, Srinivasan Bhuvaneswari2,3, Leon Stephan Raj4,
Giridharan Bupesh5 , Kishore Kumar Meenakshisundaram6 and Konda Mani Saravanan6
1Test Facility Management, ESSEM Compliance Solutions Private Limited, MIHAN SEZ, Nagpur – 441108 (M.S), India.
2Ecoysus Life Science, Chennai – 600 030, Tamil Nadu, India.
3Department of Biotechnology, Anna University, Chennai – 600 025, Tamil Nadu, India.
4Plant Molecular Biology Research Unit, St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous),
Palayamkottai – 627 002, Tamil Nadu, India.
5Department of Forest Science, Nagaland University, Lumami – 798627, Nagaland, India.
6Research and Publication Wing, Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research,
Chennai – 600 073, Tamil Nadu, India.
J Pure Appl Microbiol. 2022;16(2):796-813 | Article Number: 7542 | © The Author(s). 2022
Received: 13/01/2022 | Accepted: 01/04/2022 | Published online: 27/05/2022
Issue online: June 2022

Natural products are a great wellspring of biodiversity for finding novel antivirals, exposing new interactions between structure and operation and creating successful defensive or remedial methodologies against viral diseases. The members of Zingiberaceae traditional plant and herbal products have robust anti-viral action, and their findings will further lead to the production of derivatives and therapeutic. Additionally, it highlights the insight of utilizing these phytoextracts or their constituent compounds as an emergency prophylactic medicine during the pandemic or endemic situations for novel viruses. In this connection, this review investigates the potential candidates of the Zingiberaceae family, consisting of bioactive phytocompounds with proven antiviral efficacy against enveloped viruses. The present study was based on published antiviral efficacy of Curcuma longa, Zingiber officinale, Kaempferia parviflora, Aframomum melegueta Elettaria cardamomum, Alpina Sps (belongs to the Zingiberaceae family) towards the enveloped viruses. The relevant data was searched in Scopus”, “Scifinder”, “Springer”, “Pubmed”, “Google scholar” “Wiley”, “Web of Science”, “Cochrane “Library”, “Embase”, Dissertations, theses, books, and technical reports. Meticulously articles were screened with the subject relevancy and categorized for their ethnopharmacological significance with in-depth analysis. We have comprehensively elucidated the antiviral potency of phytoextracts, major composition, key compounds, mode of action, molecular evidence, immunological relevance, and potential bioactive phytocompounds of these five species belonging to the Zingiberaceae family. Conveniently, these phytoextracts exhibited multimode activity in combating the dreadful enveloped viruses.


Zingiberaceae, Anti-viral compound, Immune boosters, Enveloped viruses, Immunomodulators, Phytocompounds

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