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Harisomayajula Valli1, Devi Prasanna1, Vikrant Singh Rajput2 ,
Wuriti Sridhar3, N.N.V. Sakuntala4, Padamata Harshavardhan1 and Ashish Runthala1
1Department of Biotechnology, Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation, Vaddeswaram – 522 502, Andhra Pradesh, India.
2Department of Biotechnology, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi – 110 067, India.
3Department of Mathematics, Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation, Vaddeswaram – 522 502, Andhra Pradesh, India.
4Department of Basic Science and Humanities, Sri Vasavi Engineering College, Tadepalligudem – 534 101, Andhra Pradesh, India.
J Pure Appl Microbiol. 2022;16(1):663-668 | Article Number: 7461 | © The Author(s). 2022
Received: 03/12/2021 | Accepted: 28/01/2022 | Published online: 25/02/2022
Issue online: March 2022

To increase the expression of a native/foreign plant/bacterial gene, the complete network of cis-elements must be excavated to increase its biosynthetic yield, especially under industrial stress conditions. For selecting the best set of cis-elements for a foreign gene and aiding the workflow of researchers, often untrained in bioinformatics methodologies, we developed a modular PERL script for their identification and localization. The script is functional on any operating system. It localizes the cis element network of a gene. It aids an easy customization, as per the required analysis, and provides robust strategy, unlike the usually used databases where several applied calculations often become a tricky task. The script allows an uncomplicated analysis of multiplicity of cis elements along with their relative distances, making it easier for designing the more beneficial network of genes for directed evolution experiments. Through a batched scrutiny of several functionally similar genes, it would aid an easy extraction of their evolutionarily favored network of cis elements. It would be extremely helpful to develop the crop plants that are better adapted to the stressful conditions.


Cis element, transcription factor, directed evolution, promoter engineering

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