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Chennappa Gurikar , H.B. Vandana, B.P. Netravati, B.P. Chaitra Kumari, N.A. Nanje Gowda, K.N. Hanumantharaju and Lokesh AC
Department of Food Technology, Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, Bangalore – 560 054, Karnataka, India.
J Pure Appl Microbiol. 2021;15(4):1833-1845 | Article Number: 7284 | © The Author(s). 2021
Received: 02/09/2021 | Accepted: 25/10/2021 | Published: 27/11/2021

Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs) are the device that involves bacteria and organic matter, to generate electrical current via bacterial metabolism from a wide range of organic and inorganic substrates. MFCs are novel bioreactors, that convert chemical energy into electrochemical energy through bio-catalysis of various wastes (agriculture, food, households, food processing industries) using microorganisms. MFC is a promising approach that offers direct, clean, green energy generation, ease of waste recyclability, and by-product utilization of different sources. In recent, MFCs research advances related to electrode development and utilization of suitable different rural and urban wastes is a significant interest in the MFC application. Hence in a large-scale application, the MFC concept is one of the effective technologies for the management of different wastes and is simultaneously used for electricity generation to cater to the energy demand in rural or remote areas that are not linked to the electric grid. MFCs help reduce the global energy crisis and reduce the pressure on non-renewable energy resources.


Fuel Cells, Bioelectricity, Agriculture wastes, Eco-friendly

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